The International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED) is the premier forum for presentation of innovative research in all aspects of low power electronics and design, ranging from process technologies and analog/digital circuits, simulation and synthesis tools, system-level design and optimization, to system software and applications.


Keynote Speakers


A New Silicon Age 4.0: Generating Semiconductor-Intelligence Paradigm with a Virtual Moore's Law Economics and Heterogeneous Technologies
Monday, July 24, 9:00~10:00am

Nicky Lu
Chairman, CEO & Founder
Etron Technology, Inc.
Peering into the Post Moore's Law World
Tuesday, July 25, 9:00~10:00am

Todd Austin
University of Michigan
Architecture and Software for Emerging Low-Power Systems
Wednesday, July 26, 9:00~10:00am

Wen-Mei W. Hwu
Professor & Sanders-AMD Chair
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Design Contest Finalists


A Low-Power Dual-Core Motion Estimation Chip Design and Implementation for a Wireless Panoramic Endoscopy
Jian-Lin Zeng, Tsung-Yi Wu and Ching-Hwa Cheng
Feng Chia University, National Changhua University of Education
An Atomic-Aware Design to Maximize Energy Utilization on NVP-Based Self-Powered Sensor Systems
Chih-Kai Kang, Chun-Han Lin and Pi-Cheng Hsiu
Academia Sinica, National Taiwan Normal University
High Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Hybrid Neural Network Processor for Deep Learning Applications
Shouyi Yin, Peng Ouyang, Shibin Tang, Fengbin Tu, Xiudong Li, Leibo Liu and Shaojun Wei
Tsinghua University
An Ultra-Low Power 169-nA 32.768-kHz Fractional-N PLL
Chun-Yu Lin, Tun-Ju Wang, Tzu-Hsuan Liu and Tsung-Hsien Lin
National Taiwan University
TeleProbe: Zero-Power Contactless Probing for Implantable Medical Devices
Woo Suk Lee, Younghyun Kim and Vijay Raghunathan
Microsoft, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Purdue University
Retention State-Aware Energy Management for Efficient Nonvolatile Processors
Dongqin Zhou, Weiwen Chen, Xin Shi, Mengying Zhao and Keni Qiu
Capital Normal University, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Imaging Technology
1.6-mW, 56-GHz Arithmetic Logic Unit Based on Superconductor Single-Flux-Quantum Logic Circuit
Masamitsu Tanaka, Ryo Sato, Yuki Hatanaka, Yuichiro Matsui, Hiroyuki Akaike, Akira Fujimaki, Koki Ishida, Takatsugu Ono and Koji Inoue
Nagoya University, Kyushu University
A Reconfigurable Building Block for Thermoelectric Generator Energy Harvesting under Spatial Temperature Variations
Jaemin Kim, Naehyuck Chang, Donkyu Baek, Youngil Kim and Donghwa Shin
Seoul National University, KAIST, Yeungnam University


GIS NTU Convention Center

ISLPED 2017 will be held at GIS NTU Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan. Located on the beautiful campus of National Taiwan University (NTU), GIS NTU Convention Center is easily accessible by transit. It is only a 2-minute walk from the MRT Gongguan station. There are fabulous dining options around, including top-rated restaurants and a popular night market.




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